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The man with the magical midas touch

A long time ago, a teen called Gordon Koh loved attending football matches at Farrer Park in Singapore and absolutely loved the snacks from the old school push cart vendors there, especially from the Vadai seller.

The young boy studied hard and became a military man with a long and illustrious career as a commanding officer grooming future generals. (No namedropping here but the name of a very famous one is inscribed on his forearm so if you see Uncle Gordon, take a peek and ask him about it!)

Gordon then retired from the Armed Forces and then did something totally startling to many… he  went into the world of entertainment and made a name for himself as a accomplished magician, entertaining both adults and children alike with his skills! (and was even famously made the President of the Singapore Association of Magicians for many years).

He then started his entrepreneurial foray into the nightlife industry by opening a pub (eventually expanding a total of three very popular pubs in the Katong and Siglap area called Legends Pub).

So where does the Vadai come into the picture? Well… read on!

The magical vadai

So Uncle Gordon as he was affectionally called, yearned for his childhood Vadai experience and told himself that he had to recreate it as best as he could as he tried all the Vadai in town and none could replicate the exact taste and texture that he remembered.

Being an accomplished home chef, Gordon spent a lot of time to experiment and fine-tune to make the Vadai of his memories. His ‘test subjects’ as he affectionally called his old pub customers, were served his Vadai every Friday as complimentary snacks, with constant feedback till the receipe was tweaked and perfected. The response was so enthusiastic  and overwhelming that his Fridays became packed as a result!



His customers constantly begged Gordon to serve his Vadai on other days too and then suggested that it was high time for him to set up a store to sell his Vadai, which he eventually did at 936 East Coast Road and ran it for 6 years! 

The fame of Gordon’s Katong Vadai spread throughout the island and got featured by The Sunday Times, The New Paper, Today Newspaper, Her World magazine, a Japanese Magazine, Mediacorp TV and many more! Business was good but his pub business grew even bigger and he couldn’t run the Vadai business anymore as his exhaustion grew.

Yet Gordon’s Vadai was highly sought after and constantly invited to many special events to set up shop and he was even invited to the Prime Minister’s Chinese New Year party where his Vadai was a smash hit amongst the many distinguished guests there!


The legacy of gordon's vadai making a comeback

Throughout the last few years, although Uncle Gordon went into semi-retirement, he still continued cooking for his old customers and friends who remained firm fans of his magical Vadai on a semi-regular basis. 



Demand remained very high and many who booked their orders way in advance but still couldn’t get their hands of his limited supply of Gordon’s Vadai on a regular basis remained disappointed, a situation he wanted to fix.

Now approaching 79 years old, Uncle Gordon thought long and hard of having his legendary Vadai’s legacy carry on and decided it was high time to bring it back to the market in a bigger way again.



After much planning with a team of passionate people to ensure that his exacting standards are met and the quality of his Vadai remains high and consistent despite scaling up, Gordon’s Vadai is proud to finally announce a relaunch of the brand with its own online ordering & delivery platform. This pioneer team of Gordon’s Vadai, with Anand (Operations) and Conrad (Marketing/Franchising), led by Vijay Nair (A veteran of the nightlife industry as a professional DJ and now with his own radio segment on 91.3FM every Saturday night from 8 to 10pm) and mentored by Gordon Koh, has plans to expand into franchising around the island and into the region!


Come experience the Magic of Uncle Gordon’s Famous Vadai once again! 


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